Saturday, November 19, 2005 

Change the color on a sports car

We'll start by opening a photo of the sports car we want co change the color to. Create a new layer on top of the Background layer by clicking the "Add layer" button on the layer pallete or by using CTRL+SHIFT+N and set it's blending mode to Color.
Start brushing with a color on the body of the car and you'll see the color change instantly. I've chose #e3c91c, but you can choose anything you want. Make sure you use a hard brush. I've used a 20px hard brush. You can paint all over the body of your car and use the eraser on the parts that don't need to be color corrected, like the seats, window, headlights and radiator grill. Just make sure you use a hard brush on the eraser too.If you want to paint your car with a solid color that's about it. If you want to apply a gradient to the car you can select the color you've already applied to the car by holding CTRL and clicking on the color layer on the layer pallete. Select the colors you want and use the gradient tool on the section you've just made. I've used #0084ff in addition to #e3c91c.