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Sunday, October 09, 2005 

Zebra flavoured shark

Using very simple techniques we will be skinning a shark with a zebra pattern. Pick your sources carefully, as they are the most important part. I've picked a zebra and a shark from www.sxc.hu, a very vast resource of free stock photography. You will need Photoshop CS2 to do this tutorial.

Open the zebra image in Photoshop, select a large portion of it, either by using quick mask or by using the polygonal lasso tool and copy the selected portion into the shark image into a new layer.

Using the transform tool (Ctrl+T) on the newly created layer, position the zebra patch so it will more or less cover the shark.

Use Filter -> Liquify. Make sure you have "Show backdrop" checked and only use the Background layer with the "Behind" mode and a 50% opacity to see what you are doing. Start working with a big brush to move the zebra pattern to cover the shark. You can use the bracket keys [] to adjust your brush size as you need it.
With a lot of patience and trial and error you will soon have an image that looks a lot like this one.

Using the Levels command I've darkened the zebra layer a little to give it a more aggresive feel.

Hope you've learned something from this.

Nice, I like it. I would of never thought to do something like that but it's a really neat effect.

Classic! looks good!

Very helpful...thanx

wow thats pretty kool i would of never thought of that lol
How did u cone up wit that?
Is there such thing a zebra sharks?
well git 2 go (g2g)


it's very nice it's a really neat effect.

Very good ^_^

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Excellent job, I didn't expect that outcome. Thanks for the tips. I will try to do the same. There are a lot of tool that I don't know how to use in photoshop

Very interesting article you have got here. really good information. Thanks very much for sharing all this great informaiton.Thanks! and keep posting....

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